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I have been taking Best Prostate for 6 months after taking both Hytrin and Flomax for ten years. It feels great to be able to use a natural product that works. I\'m writing this because I want others to know that they have a choice. I no longer pay $35.00 co-pays at my pharmacy for these items. In addition I actually feel better. Thank you for giving me the option to do without these prescription drugs.

I highly recommend Best Prostate - I have been using for over a year - thanks for the great product.

This truly is the best prostate product. I love this product because it works and I love the name because it's Best Prostate.

Mr. L telephoned to reorder Best Prostate and stated "they are working great" .......................

Thanks, I've been a customer since Sept. 2009 - great product - works for me! ............................

Great product - works as promised and forget the "other guys" you see on TV!! This is my 3rd re-order (6 months / best deal)!! Call IMS and talk to Jerry if you have any questions! This is an unsolicited testimonial by the way!!